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Hotel NH Pacifico of 65 rooms. Avenida Barcelona 113 Madrid  ·  Complex of offices and NH Hotel of 99 rooms. San Sebastian de los Reyes Madrid  · Industrilalized Hotel Suites  ·  3 Office buildings. Arturo Soria, 245  Madrid   ·  2 Office buildings . Caleruega, 67 and 79 Madrid   ·   Office building . Arte21 Madrid)   ·   Office building . Arturo Soria, 261 Madrid   ·   2 Office buildings .Foronda 4 and 6  Madrid   ·   Office building Arcis. Quintanapalla 8 Madrid   · Office building . Labastida 13  Madrid   ·  Office building 10 Thalli. Quintanapalla  Madrid   ·  Office building. Sauceda 10  Madrid   ·   ·Office building . Avenida de Bruselas 15 "Arroyo de la Vega" . Alcobendas Madrid   ·   Office building for insurance Pelayo. Rufino Gonzalez 23 Madrid   ·   Aena Head Offiices in Manises Airport  Valencia   ·   Danone Nutricia Headquarters Refurbishment Madrid

Málaga Automobile  Museum.  Magalhaes Collection..Antigua Tabacalera Museum Complex. Málaga  · Telefónica.  Gran Vía 28. Madrid  · Aena Irish Pub in Manises Airport. Valencia ·  Aena authorities room, press room and VIP rooms in Manises Airport  Valencia  ·  Foster's Hollywood Reaturant. La Vaguada. Madrid  · Thyssenkrupp Tower Elevator design competition in Dubai United Arab Emitates  · Design competition for a Pop Music Center in Taipei. China Republic  ·  Refurbishment of physical handicapped rehabilitation center "CRMF of Vallecas"  Madrid.  ·   Refurbishment of "José Caballero" Sports Center .Alcobendas. Madrid.  ·   Refurbishment of the CEIP Castilla . Alcobendas. Madrid.  ·   Sports Centre of “Castilla" schooll. Alcobendas.  Madrid   ·  Second phase of St. Georges International School of Málaga. Málaga  ·  Santa Rosa de Lima Sports Center. Málaga  ·  Transports Hub. La Coruña . Shopping Center ,office complex and Hotel in Villarreal (Catellón)  ·  Refurbisnment of the Hotel Javea. Javea. Alicante  ·  Refurbishment and extension of the Villa Mediterránea Hotel. Javea.  Alicante  ·  Restoraition and extension of Casa Christian Aparthotel. Ses Salines. Ibiza. ·  Medium size mall for Milar  Comelsa La Eliana. Valencia.  ·   Medium size mall for Milar  Comelsa Aldaya C.C. Bonaire Valencia.  ·   Medium size mall for Milar  Comelsa Alcoy C.C. Almazora Alicante  ·   Shops in Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Gijón for Burguer King, Textura, SGEL, Farmashopping,  Gino Ginelli, En Mangas de Camisa, Titto Bluni, Opticost, Bau, De Cine,  Natura, Pimkie, Danessas, Acerico, SA Ropa, Jaslen, Basic



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