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Calle Sauceda 10, 2ªplanta

28050 Madrid. Spain

+34 915560228

+34 659460892

- Who we are -

Architecture Department

Developing in unison with the construction company, "Donato Lasa" since October 1956 - we are a fourth generation studio with more than 70 years of experience in architecture, urbanism and design. Our studio holds that architecture should be in constant adaptation to the present and that through design we bring forth the clients vision and needs. Our team is highly specialized all across the field of our profession with Masters degrees ranging from Sustainability and Efficiency to Building and Urban design to Conceptual Ideation and Image-making.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Design is a patient search"


Technical Department

Our technical department is specialized in construction and bio-climatic architecture. We deal with energy efficiency certificates, enviromental reports, building cost evaluations and structural calculations.    


Our studio offers the full extent of services concerning the real estate market. We provide legal and financial advice as well as in depth market analysis and stratergy and managment consulting. 

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